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Amino ACIDS and their benefits

Amino Boost by Maxima Equine

A proprietary blend of vital amino acids designed to benefit equine at every stage of Life and Need.

There are three categories of amino acids; essential, non-essential and conditionally essential. The essential are those which cannot be made in the body. Non-essential are made from amino acids and other compounds in the body and do not have to be supplied by the diet. Conditionally essential are those used when their supply in the body is depleted due to circumstances such as rapid growth, illness or heavy work load.

Equine Amino Boost includes the following:

Essential Amino Acids


  • When deficient in animals can limit protein synthesis.
  • Important in metabolism and a healthy nervous system.
  • Helps break down fat used for energy.
  • Involved in making collagen and elastin necessary for healthy skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.
  • Critical component of muscle protein.
  • Supports immune system by helping fight viral and bacterial infections.
  • Necessary if horses have limited forage or limited fresh grasses in diet.


  • Gives hooves and hair coat strong structure.
  • Regulates gene expression and protein function, essential for all cells.
  • Ensures energy currency of cells.
  • Supports nervous system.
  • Makes lipid (oil) that help support energy, nutrient intake, protective gut lining, neurologic and brain function and post exercise recovery.


  • Supports gut health for optimal metabolism and nutrient absorption.
  • Makes protective mucus barrier between acidic gut and cells of stomach and intestine.
  • Heals wounds and treats stress.
  • Aids in healthy immune function.
  • Assists energy production.
  • Supports healthy body condition.


  • Stimulates protein synthesis to help muscle building, recovery and growth.
  • Involved in making hemoglobin, which aids in body tissue receiving oxygen to include muscle.
  • Diminish perception of pain.
  • Maintain blood glucose levels during exercise to support muscle endurance.
  • Enhance topline development.
  • Important for maintenance of healthy cell membranes.


  • Energy reservoir providing stamina to sustain prolonged physical exertion.
  • Immune system fortification that can fortify defenses for stress, ensuring peak health.
  • Performance enhancement that is a catalyst for elevating equine athletic performance.
  • Accelerated muscle recover.


  • Needed for muscle metabolism, coordination, contraction, tissue repair and proper nitrogen balance in the body.
  • Immune system fortification.
  • Muscle recovery and growth.
  • Energy and endurance that combats fatigue allowing horses to maintain their stamina and endurance throughout their performance.


  • Contributes to wound healing and healthy skin/hair.
  • Fortifies immune system functioning and waste removal.
  • Boosts exercise endurance.
  • Combined with L-Lysine, can have beneficial impact of anxiety symptoms.
  • Supports reproductive health.



  • Called the superfood Amino Acid
  • Post-exercise recovery.
  • Glutamine can be lost in sweat during intensive training and must be supplied by the diet.
  • Lactation support that aids in maintaining optimal amino acid levels, ensuring the well-being of both the mare and her foal.
  • Immune system fortification.
  • Guardian of gut health that ensures the digestive system remain robust.


  • Necessary for proper immune system and liver function.
  • Detoxifies ammonia and aids in liver regeneration.
  • Promotes healing and repairing of damaged tissues.


  • Natural detoxifier that helps in the excretion of unwanted drugs and metabolites.
  • Guards against toxic pathways.
  • Blood sugar regulator.
  • Necessary for the biosynthesis of creatine which helps build muscle tissue and strength.
  • Gut and immune health which are the cornerstone of over health.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Bone and muscle health that aids in bone development, particularly beneficial for young, growing horses or older horses that need additional support.
  • Essential during periods of rapid growth.

These carefully chosen amino acids are formulated with a convenient delivery system in a small pellet. ONE SCOOP PER DAY OF AMINO BOOST will supply a measured amount of 5.4 grams of the aminos described above. NO NEED for sauces, gels or other powder carriers. An additional amount of AMINO BOOST may be advisable for aging horses, those which need a boost or a pregnant or lactating mare.

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